Searching for a reputable, reliable pool builder to build your new pool, spa, outdoor kitchen etc. you will have many questions. Since our reputation relies on customer satisfaction and delivering the pool you imagine, we have noted some common questions asked by customers when thinking of building a swimming pool, spa.

What are the benefits of having a pool?

  • Entertain – When you build a pool, you create an inviting, invigorating space to entertain family and friends. Invite friends and family over for a poolside bar-b-que, a dip in the pool or relax in your spa.
  • Outdoor Resort – a well designed pool is more than just a hole filled with water. You can literally turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis. With waterfalls, negative edges and other unique amenities, a pool can serve as a relaxing, tranquil and inviting centerpiece for years to come.
  • Health – instead of going to the gym, you'll be able to spend time exercising in your own pool. Research has shown, swimming provides a better total body workout with very low risk of injury. It also helps burn calories and lose weight.
  • Relaxation – After a long day at work, escape from the fast pace of life, take a quick dip in your pool to unwind. Spending time in water helps the body relax and reduce stress. Most people say it helps them sleep better.
  • Increase the value of your home – Studies have shown, owning a pool increases the value of your home by as much as 15%, making your property more attractive to prospective buyers. A pool may be the difference between a quick sale and it remaining on the market.
  • Investment – A long vacation, a movie, or a visit to a theme park will become old after a while as children grow up. A pool will be enjoyed by family and friends for years and years.

Will a pool increase the value of my home?

Yes, Most studies show a pool will increase the value of a home anywhere between 7% and 15%, depending on where the home is located in San Antonio, The Hill Country, and surrounding areas. It also will continue to increase in value through the years, along with the home.

How much is involved in caring for a pool?

In the past, pool maintenance was more of a chore. But, with today’s innovative technology and conveniences, owning a swimming pool can be easier than owning a car! Pool chemical testing, pre-programmed filtration and heating can all be automated and activated by wireless controller if you desire. Automatic pool cleaning systems and various sanitizing devices also make pool maintenance simple.

How much will a pool cost and what factors affect the cost?

The price of a pool is determined by factors other than just size and shape. Pools Unlimited, Inc. custom designs each pool to the individual customer's wants and needs so pricing can be varied. Some areas affecting price are:

  • Permits required - city, home owners association fees, inspection fees throughout the process.
  • Type of materials chosen - there is a wide variety of tiles, stones and other type of materials available to suit all price ranges.
  • Additional features such as waterfalls, Outdoor Kitchen, spas, diving boards, slides, beach entries, etc.
  • Equipment to operate, maintain and clean your pool and spa.

Why should I choose your company over an advertisement promising a custom pool at a very low price?

While it is possible to build a pool at a low price, equipment, structural elements, quality craftsmanship, and design may be compromised. Pools Unlimited, Inc. understands the costs between a great job and a poor job can be significant. We work with every customer to determine a budget which encompasses their desires and needs to create a custom design which reflects the picture they see, in their mind, for their own backyard, within budget.

What pool design is right for me?

Every property has its own unique features and challenges to consider when designing a pool. Consider how you intend to use your pool. Is exercise important? How about family use? Is there a special needs individual in the home? Where will the pool look best when viewed from inside and outside of your home? Pools Unlimited, Inc. will come to your home to take photos, and make sketches of your property to assist in preparing a custom design at NO charge.

If I have a small or difficult yard or area to work with, can I still have a pool?

Expert pool builders, such as Pools Unlimited, Inc. can construct a quality pool in all shape and size areas. Our design and construction teams have worked with the most challenging of properties. You will be amazed by Pools Unlimited Inc.’s creative and innovative solutions for turning your dreams into an aquatic oasis.

Can I enjoy my pool year round? Do pools contribute to the drought?

You certainly can use your pool year round! We are not only pool builders but we have pools of our own and like most of our customers, use our pool not just during “pool season”. Many people host football game pool parties around their pool-scape!

As for contributing to the drought, water agency studies have proven that a residential swimming pool requires less water to maintain that the landscaping they will replace. And the water in your swimming pool is available whenever it is needed in an emergency.

What are some of the options available to add to my pool?

There are many innovative water treatment options, fiber-optic lighting, remote controls, automatic cleaning systems, spa products, and plenty of other options to make your pool easier to maintain and more enjoyable and fun for family and friends. Let us know what you would like, and Pools Unlimited, Inc. will be happy to show you how to make it happen.

Should I consider building my own pool? Are there advantages to building my pool while my home is under construction instead of waiting until my home is completed?

Never! Pool builders with experience, knowledge, and proper training can provide the wise and innovative solutions to produce the superior quality of a finished pool. As a builder, we have huge buying power, therefore, we can offer cost efficient construction, competitive pricing and unwavering coordination of your project to deliver a hassle-free experience, with a guarantee.

What about warranties and is my investment well-protected?

Warranties are very important! At Pools Unlimited, Inc. we are confident in the products we use to build your pool and offer warranty to back it up. Always ask and compare warranties when you receive a pool estimate from any pool builder. Pool builders go out of business every year, which means when they are gone the warrantees could be an issue. Ask your builder WHO provides their warranty service!

Do you offer financing?

Yes. You can make your families dreams of a pool a reality by merely taking the equity in their home and converting it into cash. It is easy, inexpensive and tax wise. Contact us for more information on lending agencies available to assist you.

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